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JUNE by netatmo
JUNE is a unique piece of jewelry that is both fashionable but also monitors and measures your daily exposure to the sun (UV).

It communicates with your iPhone (currently only available for iPhone) to give you real-time advice on how to protect yourself from the sun.

the JUNE bracelet

Your Own Sun-Savvy Concierge

JUNE is your personal Sun-Saavy concierge that assesses and tracks your daily UV exposure to make up-to-the-minute recommendations for which SPF to apply to your skin.

Your JUNE will even remind you when it is time to don your hat and sunglasses or even when to move indoors or to shade.

With JUNE You Can

  • prevent sunburn
  • minimize aging effects of UV exposure

A Gorgeous Jewel Designed For You

JUNE has been crafted by a designer who creates pieces for leading French jewelry names. Cut to resemble a diamond, the facets of June play with the sun’s rays.

JUNE Bracelet
JUNE Bracelet
JUNE Bracelet

Tech Specifications

Functions ONLY with iPhone

Functions ONLY with iPhone