Ann Marie Ebling, M.S., N.P. received her undergraduate nursing degree from D’Youville College and dual masters’ degrees from the University of Rochester in adult and pediatric nursing. As a nurse practitioner, she practices general dermatology with an interest in adult and teen acne.

Ann Marie specializes in cosmetic procedures including BOTOX®, fillers, sclerotherapy for leg veins, and lasers for skin rejuvenation. In addition, she is a sub investigator for multiple dermatology clinical trials and is an active member of the Dermatology Nurses Association. She manages and educates the nursing staff and holds a clinical/faculty appointment with the University of Rochester.


  • nurse practitionerNurse Practitioner
    NY license #3021821
  • nurse practitionerRegistered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner
    FL license #9235115
  • DEA Registration
    License #ME0317900

Education & Training

  • University of Rochester sealUniversity of Rochester
    Care of Children and Families Nurse Practitioner, 2001
    Rochester, NY
  • University of Rochester sealUniversity of Rochester
    Adult Nurse Practitioner, 1997
    Rochester, NY
  • D'youville CollegeD’youville College
    Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing, 1993
    Buffalo, NY

Investigational Studies

Investigational Trials as Study Coordinator
2001    Phase III – Hormone Replacement Therapy
2003    Phase III – Atopic Dermatitis
2004    Phase II – Immunomodulator, Molloscum Contagiosum
2004    Phase II – Seborrheic Dermatitis
2004    Phase III – Psoriasis Infusion Trial

Investigational Trials as Sub Investigator
2002    Phase II – Immunomodulator, Anogenital Herpes
2004    Phase III – Atopic Eczema
2004    Phase III – Atopic Eczema
2005    Phase III- Atopic Eczema
2005    Phase II – Mild to Moderate Acne
2006    Phase II – Actinic Keratosis
2006    Phase II – Psoriasis
2006    Phase II – Acne
2006    Phase III – Bioequivalent Rosacea
2006    Phase II – Oral Rosacea
2007    Phase I – Oral Acne
2007    Phase II – Oral Acne
2008    Phase II – Oral Acne
2008    Phase II – Biologic compound, psoriasis
2009    Phase III – Photodynamic trial for Acne
2009    Phase III – Bioequivalent trial for Acne
2010    Phase II – Topical therapy for onychomycosis
2010    Phase II –  Biologic compound for psoriasis
2010    Phase II    Topcial biologic therapy for psoriasis
2010    Phase III-  Biologic compound for psoriasis
2011    Phase  III Topical therapy for onychomycosis
2011    Phase III-Tinea pedis topical compound
2011    Phase III-Biologic Compound for psoriasis
2011    Phase III Acne trial, topical treatment
2011    Phase III Bioequivalent trial for acne
2012    Phase II Acne trial, oral medication
2012    Phase II Bioequivalent topical acne treatment
2012    Phase III Bioequivalent AK treatment
2012    Phase III Bioequivalent Acne trial, topical treatment
2013    Phase II axillary hyperhidrosis
2013    Phase III bioequivalent tinea pedis
2013    Phase III bioequivalent acne
2013    Phase II chronic pruritis
2014    Phase II distal onychomycosis
2014    2 Phase III atopic dermatitis trials (including peds)
2014    Phase III bioequivalent actinic keratosis
2014    Phase III biologic biosimilar plaque psoriasis
2014    Phase II moderate to severe acne


Pediatric Nursing, July/August 2001, “The Effectiveness of Oral Antibiotics and Topical Retinoid Therapy in the Treatment of Acne in Adolescents.”

Professional Experience

  • Dermatology Associates of RochesterDermatology Associates of Rochester
    Nurse Practitioner, 1999-Current
    Rochester, NY
  • Skin Search of RochesterSkin Search of Rochester
    Sub Investigator, 2002-Current
    Rochester, NY
  • UR MedicineUniversity of Rochester Orthopaedic Department
    Nurse Practitioner, Spine Surgery/Spinal Cord Injury, 1997-1999
    Rochester, NY
  • UR MedicineUniversity of Rochester Neurosurgery/Orthopaedic Trauma Step Down Unit
    Registered Nurse, 1996-1997
    Rochester, NY
  • UR MedicineUniversity of Rochester Orthopaedic/Trama/Burn Unit
    Registered Nurse, 1993-1996
    Rochester, NY

Professional Training

  • UR MedicineAdvanced Life Support
    American Heart Association, Strong Memorial Hospital
    Rochester, NY
  • Basic Life Support
    American Heart Association
  • Certificate in Sign Language

Professional Memberships

  • Task Force Chair
    Development of Scope and Standards for nurse practitioners in Dermatology.
  • Dermatology Nurses’ Association
    Member, 2000-present
  • National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses
    Board Member, 1997-2000
  • Diabetes Resource Committee
    Core Member, 1995-1997